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“Hollywood may not represent the true stories of Latinos, Georgia Latino Films, has the power to change that.”

Georgia Latino Films Alliance is thrilled to announce the launch of its new distribution arm Georgia Latino Films, revolutionizing the Georgia film community with a focus on developing and releasing films year-round, Georgia Latino Films aims to strengthen its presence through a robust network of distribution partners i.e. Netflix, Amazon, Vix and Tubi.

In a move to challenge conventional release patterns, Georgia Latino Films will compress traditional windows, offering Video on Demand (VOD) options that will launch simultaneously with the highly anticipated Georgia Latino International Film Festival. This year the festival will take place from September 21 to September 24 and will serve as a prominent platform to premiere this year’s best of the best.

Today, we stand at a pivotal moment in the film industry where the distribution of films is becoming more diverse and accessible, transcending the old barriers that challenged filmmakers,” said Carla Berkowitz, Chairwoman of Georgia Latino Film Alliance. “It is a time where creativity can thrive, and storytellers can find new avenues to showcase their films, reaching new audiences far and wide.

“The landscape of film festivals and distribution models is rapidly evolving, presenting new challenges and opportunities, for our films” stated Dr. Jose Marquez, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Georgia Latino Films Alliance. “Festivals have a pivotal role in uniting audiences and providing a marketing platform for films. We envision Georgia Latino Films as a beacon of Georgia’s vibrant film and cultural scene, while representing our stories on a global stage.”

Established in 2012 by Dr. Jose Marquez, PhD, and Yvette Moise, Georgia Latino Film Alliance will spearhead these initiatives. The newly introduced department, Georgia Latino Film, will serve as a comprehensive distribution and marketing platform, reaching a wider audience and amplifying the impact of Latino filmmakers and films from around the world.

With a growing network of films from the United States, and internationally from Spain, Mexico, and South America, Georgia Latino Films aims to facilitate collaborations between filmmakers and producers interested in developing projects and shooting in Georgia. The organization seeks to leverage Georgia’s attractive production and filming hubs, including its film and television infrastructure, talented cast and crew, and favorable tax incentives.     

Yvette Moise, President of Georgia Latino Film Alliance, and Producer of the Georgia Latino International Film Festival emphasized the importance of showcasing authentic stories: “We are dedicated to reshaping the narrative and ensuring that our films, both American Latino and international Latino films, find a home in the heart of America. Hollywood may not represent the true stories of Latinos, but through Georgia Latino Films, we have the power to change that.”