2024 Passes

Attending the Georgia Latino Film Festival is a unique opportunity for industry professionals, students, and press members to engage with the vibrant Georgia Latino film community.

  • Industry passes are available for filmmakers, producers, actors and other professionals looking to network, attend exclusive screenings, and participate in industry-specific panels.
  • Students passionate about film studies can apply for student passes, offering them access to a wealth of educational resources, workshops, and the chance to learn from seasoned professionals.
  • Press passes are granted to qualified media representatives, allowing them to cover the festival, conduct interviews, and gain insights into the latest trends in Latino cinema.

To register for any of these passes, interested attendees must provide relevant credentials and complete the application process on the festival’s official website. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this dynamic event that celebrates and promotes Latino culture through film during Hispanic Heritage Month.



Fine Dining experience

Registration for Industry Pass for the 2024 Festival is open to film, TV and music professionals, including (but not limited to) filmmakers, musicians, animators, artists, sales agents, buyers, producers, production executives, craftspeople, financiers, festival programmers, film commissioners, film publicists, and exhibitors.

Industry Pass Benefits:
  • One ticket per screening, Please note: Tickets are limited and available on a first come first served basis.
  • One ticket per GALIFF Music/Comedy event Please note: Tickets are limited and available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Access to all masterclasses, panels talks and networking cocktails.
  • 15% Discount on extra ticket purchases.
  • Attendees guide with the list of all the industry professionals participating in the festival.

Press/Influencer Pass

Fine Dining experience

Registration for Press Accreditation for LALIFF 2024 is open until May 22, 11:59 PM PT. Journalists are invited to cover the festival in the form of reviews, interviews, listings, and general festival coverage.

Press/Influencer Pass Benefits:

Access to screenings, panels talks and networking cocktails.

  • GALIFF Music/Comedy events (including opening, closing and special screenings).
  • Once the registration form is filled, our team will review your application and send you further details.

Please note:

  • Approved journalists are required to send us links to coverage and not covering this year will impact their ability to receive future credentials.


Fine Dining experience

The Student Pass is open to enthusiastic applicants from high school and post-secondary institutions, that gives you access to the exciting selection of films at the festival, as well as panels that can widen your knowledge of the film and TV industries.

Student Pass Benefits:
  • Access to in-person screenings (Including opening night, closing night and special screenings). Seats are limited and available on a first-come-first-served basis. We encourage you to arrive 45 minutes before the scheduled event.
  • Access to all panels.
  • 20% Discount on extra ticket purchases to bring family or friends.

Please note:

  • You will be required to show proof of enrollment at the educational institution that you submit when registering. Failing to show your student card or proof of enrollment will invalidate your registration without a refund.


If you have any questions, please contact: Yvette Moise