Traditional teaching methods – workshops, panels and seminars – convey information and knowledge to empower the GALFF audience. Part of the proceeds raised for our festival is used to give scholarships to youth aspiring to further their education in Media and STEM related fields.

The Georgia Latino Film Alliance Innovation Center is dedicated to innovation through creative technologies. This includes animation and film production. It is a safeplace Gwinnett/Norcross youth from all walks of life to find peace, form partnerships and create their works through our innovative middle school and high school afterschool and weekend programs. It is a nextgen film community where art, innovation, social justice, and storytelling intersect. With your help, we hope to extend this program beyond its physical walls, inciting a movement in all Georgia for positive community change through film and technology. The potential of our city’s youth is unbounded, leading to a world of possibilities just waiting to be released.

What You’ll Learn


A diverse cross-section of Latino films champion creative expression.


The festival encourages its attendees to offer support and resources to one another. It has hence become a venue where both the aspiring and accomplished share information for a common goal: building and improving Latino storytelling and cinema.


Networking events, receptions, VIP screening and exhibitions provide attendees access to “industry insiders” for employment opportunities.


Through film showcases, the Georgia Latino Film festival recognizes and rewards artistic achievement by independent filmmakers.