Welcome to the Georgia Latino International Film Festival in 2023

We’re not just celebrating the art of cinema but also actively engaging in important dialogues that shape the industry. Our festival is proud to host a series of insightful panel discussions designed to shed light on the ever-evolving world of filmmaking. This year, we’re particularly excited about exploring the remarkable rise of Latino filmmakers and their profound impact on the film industry. In these thought-provoking panels, we’ll feature prominent speakers, including actors, directors, producers, and industry insiders, who will share their experiences and knowledge. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, a seasoned industry professional, or simply a film enthusiast, these discussions will provide valuable insights into navigating the film landscape, especially in the vibrant cinematic hub of Georgia.

As part of our commitment to supporting the film community, we’re offering a special ticket to all actors and writers affected by the recent strike. You can find more details and secure your spot at Click this link for more information. Join us in embracing the power of cinema, disrupting the film and entertainment industry in Georgia, and celebrating the incredible talent that drives our festival
with the hashtag #somosGALFA. We look forward to an inspiring and transformative festival experience with you.

Festival sponsors receive valuable benefits:

Brand association with film community and support for the arts
Brand impact and premium visibility
Logo placement on Festival website, official poster, and program
Product placement opportunities
Promotion on Festival social media channels
Media attention in connection with the Festival
Access to Festival parties and events
Ticket vouchers for Festival programming, including award-winning film premieres…and much more!

Be enriched through a treasured cultural institution and a leader in community dialogue. The Georgia Latino Film Festival is Georgia’s leading exhibitor of international and independent cinema.