A young boy’s desire to get his mother back, and a father’s struggle to make things right collide. JOHNNY is a 12-year-old Latino boy whose mom, an undocumented immigrant, has been arrested by I.C.E. She needs an immigration lawyer, but a good lawyer costs $5K. EMILIO, Johnny’s dad, asks ÁLVARO, a drug dealer, for a loan. But Álvaro knows Emilio can’t repay $5K. So Álvaro offers Emilio a job instead — work for his drug enterprise and Álvaro will give him the money he needs. But Emilio hesitates at the offer. With the clock ticking, Johnny decides to do the job on his own, and sneaks away to work in Álvaro’s enterprise. When Emilio discovers Johnny has done this, he rushes to get his son back. On this fateful day, both father and son learn the realities before them and the choices they must make to survive.


Heidi Miami Marshall