The Shadow of the Sun

When a deaf young man asks his estranged older brother to join him in a musical contest, this salt-of-the-earth blue collar worker must dust off his musical chops in order to be his little brother’s voice.

Leo is a salt-of-the-earth blue collar worker going through the motions of life in the city of Acarigua, nestled in Venezuela’s arid inland empire. Plagued by economic hardship, he does any job he can muster to make ends meet and keep his flailing relationship afloat.

Alex, his deaf younger brother, offers an unusual proposition: To join him in a musical contest and sing a song that he has written, for a chance to win a cash prize that will get them both out of their financial troubles. Leo refuses his brother’s “fantasy”, but when a workplace incident gets him fired and ridiculed, Leo must take a leap of faith, rediscover his long dormant musical abilities, and win against all odds in order to change his and his brother’s future.


Miguel Angel Ferrer