Peter’s Plan

Eight-year-old Peter, a Brazilian immigrant living near Boston, dreams of leading the United States to victory in the FIFA World Cup. With his hardworking mom, Elaine, often away for long hours, Peter spends much of his time alone.

One day, he ventures to a local soccer field, drawn by the sounds of neighborhood kids playing. Along the way, he stops at a Brazilian store where he admires a pair of shiny golden cleats. There, he meets Marcelo, a mysterious man who invites Peter to join him for a game of soccer. Despite initial hesitation, Peter takes off with him. He then discovers Marcelo’s genuine nature, and they form an unlikely friendship. Marcelo even gifts Peter a used ball and reveals that he works for a local soccer league.

However, their friendship raises suspicions from a neighbor, leading to a police visit to check on Peter’s well-being. When Elaine returns home to find the police, she pleads with them to let the situation pass. After the scare, Elaine begins to support Peter’s soccer aspirations.


Lyria Garcia